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What Will We Do?

Pre-US Session Plan
Take a look at the performance of the Asian and European markets and the US Futures.

Will take a look at the recent economic data and discuss the upcoming events

Technical Outlook

Will have a look at the technical outlook for various asset classes.

Data Announcement

Will track and stream all the economic data that will be released during the session.

NYSE Session Coverage

The session starts 30 minutes ahead of all the US economic releases

Trades & Signals

You will be able to see Noureldeen live trades and may execute them with him.

$700 in 20 Minutes Trading SPX

This is a quick example of what you will be watching during our live coverage event.

You will be able to watch Noureldeen Screen and his trades live.

All trades include the entries, stop loss and take profit orders.

Everything is live in front of you!

Previous Live Stream

Here’s one of our previous live streaming sessions, covering the federal reserve decision, which went for about 2 hours.

We had our plan, listened to the decision, and waited for the right time to trade which was during the press conference.

Took our profits early and that was a wrap.

Watch the video so you can be prepared for the next stream. Everything is streamed on the screen.

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Spots Left
49 Spots left

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